7 Best Airport Hotels in Managua

If you’re traveling to Nicaragua, chances are you’ve considered flying via the Managua airport. But if the flight you’re eyeing comes in or takes off at odd hours (Spirit Airlines, we’re looking at you!) is it better to drive through the night, or find an airport hotel in Managua?

If you ask us, Nicaragua is best admired in the fresh dawn of a new day. Get a good night’s sleep at a nearby airport hotel after a late flight or before an early morning take-off so you’re well-rested for the travels ahead. 

Managua is a big city, and it’s tough to narrow down your options–especially if it’s your first time in Nicaragua. That’s why we took the work out of it for you: here’s a list of the best airport hotels in Managua, for any travel budget: 

Budget Airport Hotels in Managua

These budget-friendly airport hotels are just 5 minutes away from MGA. Under $50 per night.

Airport X Managua Hotel

Looking for something right behind the MGA runway? Airport X is a clean and quaint budget hotel that fits the bill for a quick overnight stay in Managua. It is located in a gated community just minutes from the airport. 

The hotel’s cold A/C, free Nicaraguan breakfast, and friendly staff are exactly what travelers need to refresh before or after a long flight. Plus, the 24-hour check-in window ensures you’ll have a place to sleep no matter what time you touch down in Managua.

Airport shuttle: Yes; $5 pickup, $3 drop-off
Cost: $45/night

Casa Robles

If you want to feel like you’re in a homestay, then Casa Robles is definitely the Managua airport hotel for you.

This bright little hostel is owned and run by locals, making for a cozy and hospitable experience. The hosts are generous with luggage storage, and offer an extremely discounted shuttle to the airport. Expect a large private room without frills that feels like an authentic Nicaraguan home.

With a terrace overlooking the colorful streets of Managua, you’ll get a warm welcome to Nicaragua at Casa Robles

Airport shuttle: Yes; 9 córdobas (or $0.25)
Cost: $14/night

Standard Airport Hotels in Managua

These standard airport hotels are less than 8 minutes away from MGA. Under $100 per night.

Best Western Las Mercedes 

One of the nicest standard hotels in Managua is within walking distance of the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. The Best Western Las Mercedes is an airport hotel directly across the street from MGA with all the amenities you could need for a relaxing vacation. 

Not only are the accommodations neat and spacious–the comprehensive guest services provided by the Managua Best Western are top-notch. Whether you need fresh laundry, foreign currency exchange, rental car arrangements, on-site babysitting, or even medical attention, this airport hotel has you covered. Be sure to dive into the outdoor pool and grab a complimentary breakfast platter before you go on your way!

Airport shuttle: Yes; FREE
Cost: $82/night

Hotel Agualcas 

Whether it’s your first or last day in Nicaragua, staying at Hotel Agualcas will transport you to vacation mode–and the Managua airport. The tropical feel at this family-owned airport hotel makes for a refreshing retreat no matter what your travel plans lie ahead.

Contemporary rooms insulate against ambient noise, ensuring your convenient proximity to the airport won’t disrupt your rest. A modern pool deck and snack bar create a fun experience, even if you only stay for a single night. Get your first or final taste of Nicaraguan food (especially the tres leches cake!) at Hotel Agualcas’ excellent on-site restaurant.

Airport shuttle: Yes; FREE
Cost: $70/night

Globales Camino Real

Just a mile away from Nicaragua’s airport, you can detox from your travels with a trip to the sauna, bask in the tropical climate by the pool, and feast on a seriously impressive breakfast buffet–all at Globales Camino Real.

This hotel is a longstanding Managua fixture, and has become a popular host to large group events and airport-bound travelers. It’s reasonably large, with all the amenities you could want in a comfortable stay–and then some. With beautifully manicured gardens, stately decor, and even a toucan aviary, Globales Camino Real sets the right tone for a night in Nicaragua’s historic capital city. (And if you’re feeling lucky, it’s right next to a casino.)

HN Hint: Please note that Globales Camino Real is a desirable venue for private parties. Guests seeking total silence to get a good night’s sleep may not consider this spot the best fit if an event is going on. Keep this possibility in mind as you consider all your airport hotel options!

Airport shuttle: Yes; $5
Cost: $95/night

Luxury Airport Hotels in Managua

These luxury airport hotels are up to 30 minutes away from MGA, but well worth the additional drive time for the amenities. Under $200 per night.

Hyatt Place Managua

Looking for five-star service, central location, and contemporary style? Look no further than the Hyatt Place Managua. 20 minutes outside the airport, this luxury hotel has everything you need, right at your fingertips.

A standout feature of this hotel is its proximity to the Galerías mall, a major Managua attraction. The Hyatt Place sits just behind the shopping center, putting you within walking distance of clothing stores, cell phone providers, bank kiosks, and more. Nearby, you’ll also find coffee shops with fast wifi for digital nomads and recognizable restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe.

Hyatt Place Managua is a great choice for travelers that want to stay at a hotel with bigger rooms and more modern amenities than the average accommodations in Nicaragua. Bonus: the 24-hour onsite eatery is a convenient spot to grab a late night bite or early morning pre-flight snack.

Airport shuttle: Yes; $8
Cost: $165/night

Hilton Princess Managua

The Hilton Princess Managua name evokes an image of royalty, and its interior doesn’t disappoint. This airport hotel has a timeless luxury feel. The Hilton Princess captures the essence of the capital city’s prestigious past without sacrificing modern day comforts. 

From the lion statues guarding the hotel entrance to the classic hardwood furniture, the elegant lobby sets the tone for a memorable stay in Managua. What’s more is that you can spend the night at this novelty Nicaraguan establishment and still make it to the airport in just over 15 minutes. 

The Hilton Princess Managua is the perfect pick if you want a luxury hotel stay with a touch of historic character. Expect lavish amenities, warm hospitality, and easy access to any place you need to go in the city.

Airport shuttle: Yes; $11
Cost: $102/night


Whether you’re catching a red-eye or looking for a place to refresh after a long flight, there’s an airport hotel in Managua for every budget. Make the most of your trip to Nicaragua with a good night’s sleep before embarking on your next adventure.

Did you stay at any of these Managua airport hotels? Share your experience in the comments!

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