11 Best Coffee Shops in Granada, Nicaragua

Nothing beats stumbling upon a cute café in your travels. And when in Granada, you can find one on nearly every corner! If you’re only in town for a short trip, you can’t possibly try all the Nicaraguan coffee the city has to offer–especially in between the many exciting things to do there. Here are the 11 best coffee shops in Granada, Nicaragua to add to your itinerary:

Garden Café

Arguably the most popular coffee shop in Granada, Garden Café is a fan-favorite for a reason. Tastefully decorated with bookshelves and macramé, the café revolves around a flourishing inner courtyard garden. The expansive menu has a little bit of everything, from espresso and local Nicaraguan specialties like nacatamal in the morning to martinis and chimichurri steak after dark. It’s ideal for travelers seeking wifi within an aesthetic setting, or as a romantic date night for couples visiting town. 

Gaia Forest Café

Rounding out Granada’s Plaza de la Independencia is Gaia Forest Café, an organic coffee shop and market with vegan-friendly flair. Gaia has a large selection of “superfood” smoothies, healthy brunch and lunch options, and even specialty drinks like kombucha. Notably, Gaia offers variety in its Nicaraguan coffee preparation: aficionados can choose from AeroPress, French Press, Chemex, and more. Find a spot among the coffee shop’s ample indoor and outdoor seating to get some remote work done or catch up with friends.

Bonus: Gaia also serves a tiny muffin with each coffee.

Café Las Flores

This is no typical coffee chain: Café Las Flores is a staple for Nicaraguan coffee. Sourced from the foothills of nearby Mombacho Volcano, the artisan coffee brand has the best seat in Granada, Nicaragua. The café sits across from Parque Central, providing an up-close look at the iconic horse carriages and Cathedral. A big cappuccino and an unbeatable view make Café Las Flores one of the best coffee shops in Granada, Nicaragua.

HN Hint: Don’t forget to try their tres leches–but bring your appetite (or a friend to share it with)!

Casa del Café

Another Nicaraguan coffee chain worth visiting in Granada is the popular Casa del Café. It occupies a prime location on the corner of the bustling Iglesia La Merced intersection. Play your cards right, and you can snag a table with a dual view of the church and the grand Hotel Real La Merced. Casa del Café was one of the first specialty coffee shops in Nicaragua, and today serves as the largest franchise in the country. The café is spacious and beautifully painted, making it a contender for best coffee shop in Granada.

Café de las Sonrisas

Want to visit a top coffee shop with a heart? Café de las Sonrisas is the place to go! This one-of-a-kind café is staffed entirely by the deaf. If you don’t know sign language, don’t let that deter you–the coffee shop has lots of signage to help you out, and encourages customers to give it a try. “Smiles” Café not only gives Nicaraguan workers new opportunities; it also brews a great cup of coffee. Stop by for breakfast or lunch, and take a tour of the inclusive space.

HN Hint: Café de las Sonrisas also offers artisan crafts that make for unique souvenirs. 

To learn more about Café de las Sonrisas, check out their HuffPost feature.

Café La Merced

It’s no surprise that one of the best coffee shops in Granada, Nicaragua is connected to one of the city’s best hotels. Café La Merced is a breakfast nook attached to Hotel Real La Merced. Right across from Iglesia La Merced, this coffee shop gives its patrons a stellar view of the historic church’s Baroque facade. Better yet, it serves some of the best banana pancakes in Granada! Grab a desayuno típico, or take a quick coffee break before ascending the Iglesia La Merced bell tower.

La Sultana Y El Café

A local gem with strong coffee and friendly service, La Sultana y el Café is a bright little Granada coffee shop that’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Situated around the corner from Convento San Francisco, this café has reliable wifi and bar stool seating for you to grab a latte and catch up on emails. La Sultana y el Café offers fresh fruit bowls and Nicaraguan eats for breakfast and lunch, plus a dessert case for visitors with a sweet tooth.

Café de Arte

For a coffee shop with something for everyone, Café de Arte is the way to go. Located just steps away from Parque Central, this lovely restaurant adjoins an art gallery that fills the space with local paintings. With a big menu, fast wifi, and lots of natural light flooding into the courtyard, Café de Arte brings a bright start to your day. Try one of their famous natural smoothies–there are a lot to choose from!


Just north of Parque Central sits Verde, a popular vegan-friendly café in Granada. This coffee shop has an earthy, natural vibe that suits its vegetable-forward menu. Hearty breakfast bowls, fresh juices, and specialty coffees like frozen frappes will fill you up at Verde. It’s a relaxing vibe close to the center of the action. Stay for lunch to grab a clean salad or a vegan burger.

Pastelería María Elena

Venture a little ways off the main road to find the cutest coffee shop in Granada. María Elena’s is a local bakery with strong espresso and freshly-baked desserts. Cinnamon buns, hot donuts, tres leches, and custom cakes–this little café has it all. Stop by for a cortado or cappuccino, and stay a while if you can snag a spot at their limited outdoor seating. Pastelería María Elena is located two blocks north of Iglesia La Merced. 

Kathy’s Waffle House

Need a big breakfast to get your day started? Kathy’s Waffle House is the perfect coffee shop for you. The closest thing Granada has to a diner, Kathy’s serves up massive platters of Nicaraguan and American-style eats every morning. Try the huge blueberry waffle with bacon, or opt for a classic Nica breakfast of gallo pinto, eggs, queso frito, and platanos maduros. Find it right in front of Convento San Francisco.


From ambience to menu offerings to the all-important coffee quality, these are the 11 best coffee shops in Granada, Nicaragua. Stop by for breakfast, a little treat, or a quick espresso to see for yourself why these are the best cafés in the city!

What’s your favorite café in Granada? Let us know in the comments below.

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