Which Rental Vehicle Is Best for Ometepe Island?

You’ve stepped off the ferry and arrived on Nicaragua’s renowned Ometepe Island. Great! But before you can start exploring natural wonders like Ojo de Agua and Punta Jesús María, you need to figure out the most important detail: how to get there. While you can always take tuk-tuks, taxis, or the public bus, a rental vehicle will give you the most flexibility and overall best experience on Ometepe Island. Generally speaking, you have three options: motorcycle, ATV, or car. Which rental vehicle is best for Ometepe Island? Let’s break down the pros and cons to help you decide.






Far and away the most popular option, the motorcycle is the most economical rental vehicle choice for Ometepe Island travelers

Motorcycles–or scooters–are slim and speedy, making for easy Ometepe Island navigation. You can park or pivot in tighter spaces, get around on less gas, and generally enjoy greater mobility. 


Motorcycles and scooters have their limitations on Ometepe Island. Rustic sites, like Cascada de San Ramón, can’t be reached by two wheels. You’ll want a sturdier ride if you plan to go off-road over the rocky, undeveloped regions closer to the twin volcanoes’ bases.

Best rental vehicle for:

Motorcycles are ideal for backpacking travelers who intend to hit the main attractions on Ometepe Island and won’t venture too far off the paved road. 





An ATV, or quad, is a step up from renting a motorcycle. Bigger and bulkier, but also more powerful, this is a rental vehicle that equips you for all-terrain excursions (and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to use the extra push on Ometepe Island). 

Additionally, quads offer extra storage space–a valuable feature for those traveling without a backpack.


ATVs are slower rental vehicles than motorcycles. What you gain in stability, you lose in agility. They guzzle more gas and are all around clunkier to operate. It’s a trade-off for the traction advantage that comes with a four-wheel quad.

Best rental vehicle for:

Travelers with large luggage and/or an adventurous itinerary will make the best use of a powerful ATV rental on Ometepe Island.




Varies ($70+/day)


If you’re not accustomed to open-air motorcycles or ATVs and feel most at home behind the wheel of a car, then this is the best rental vehicle for you on Ometepe Island. With four-wheel drive, lots of seating and storage space, plus–if you’re lucky–cold A/C, a reliable car will take you all around the island in record time

HN Hint: If you rent a car from the mainland, then you’ll get the bonus of skipping right past the Rivas taxis at the port and moving onto your next destination in Nicaragua when you leave Ometepe.


Rental cars are the priciest option. In addition to the daily rate, you’ll need to factor in the cost of insurance and the ferry fees to take your vehicle from the mainland to the island. Note that their large size may also make tight corners on winding back roads tricky to maneuver.

Best rental vehicle for:

Travelers with a bigger budget–or bigger group–who want maximum comfort and security will be best-served by a 4×4 rental car on Ometepe Island.

Bonus option: Bicycle



Best rental vehicle for:

It won’t be the world’s smoothest (or fastest) ride, but a basic bicycle is technically a rental vehicle you can choose on Ometepe Island. Serious cyclists and eco-conscious slow travel enthusiasts might want to consider this budget-friendly option. 

General Advice on Ometepe Island Rental Vehicles

  • You need a driver’s license to operate a rental vehicle. Helmets are provided and strongly recommended.
  • You must return rental vehicles on Ometepe Island with a full tank of gas, as you would anywhere. Factor a refuel stop into your timeline when you bring back the rental.
  • Day rental rates vs. 24 hour (overnight) rental rates are slightly different. Ask for a quote and try to negotiate, especially if you are staying on Ometepe Island long-term. Prices also vary depending on the low vs. high season.
  • It is not uncommon for rental companies to request upfront cash deposits. Be aware that you may need to have a sum on you, or take your chances and stop by an Ometepe ATM if necessary (with high withdrawal fees).
  • The first thing you should do when you pick up your rental vehicle on Ometepe Island is take a video or pictures from all angles. This will protect you in case the company claims damages and wants to withhold your security deposit upon return.
  • Know where your papers are in the vehicle. If you aren’t sure, ask the rental company. If you encounter a traffic checkpoint on the island, they’ll likely request to see your registration, and you don’t want to be searching for it on the spot. (This was one of the many mistakes I made on my first visit to Ometepe Island.)
  • Drive with caution. Yes, Ometepe is a small island with one main road wrapping around the perimeter. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down when operating a rental vehicle–medical assistance will be slow to reach you in the event of an accident.



Which rental vehicle is best for Ometepe Island is ultimately a personal decision. It comes down to your individual budget, travel plans, and comfort level. Whether you opt for an agile motorcycle, heavy-duty quad, or a versatile rental car, having your own ride will make exploring Ometepe Island a breeze. Happy travels!

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